1. Intro (Fresh Prince remix) featuring Coll-ective, 2 Metre Peter, Nailini and Tuk Tuk‘Remix!’ Loud. Bassy.

    Now this is a story
    all about how
    my life got flipped
    turned upside down

    I’d like to take a second
    just sit right there
    I’ll tell you how I flew to India
    travelled by air

    In South Leeds
    is where I’ve been recently based
    in the lift trade
    is how I spend most of my days

    Stressing out, faxin’
    contractin’, all cool
    but working long hours
    can be totally cruel

    When a beautiful girl
    who’s always tryin’ to do good
    suggested we should do one
    from the neighbourhood

    It wasn’t overnight
    but we got prepared
    She said, ‘We’re flying to Nailini,
    on Emirates Air!’

    Now when the tuk tuk arrived
    it was totally rare
    The city was fresh
    We were away for a year

    (musical interlude)

    We pulled up to Nailinis
    about 4 in the morning
    and we whispered to the driver,
    ‘thank you for coming.’

    We looked at our kingdom
    we were finally here
    to start our adventure
    away for a year.


Intro (remix 2) ‘Observation of the Nation’ featuring 2 Metre Peter and Coll-ective

This is a remix

Thank you for sparing
some of your time
to engage with this unique
journal of rhyme

Within it is held
some thoughts of our trip
which at your leisure
you may fancy to dip

The poems are arranged
from A to Z(ee)
and presented to be accessible

Along with the poems
are some of our snaps
Some are good
and some are crap

This collection
is from Chennai to Goa
Maybe later
we’ll consider another

It’s been a fun way
to record our time
We hope you enjoy
our journal of rhyme



Main image: 2mp and collective on a train to nowhere

Other images:  various from our trip to date through: Chennai, Pondicherry, Auroville, Ammas Ashram, Kerala, Fort Kochin, Goa (vagator, mandrel, ashram, aramabol) and Maharashtra.

p.s. the dog took that photo of himself.  How cool is that?



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