Kite Eagles of Kerala

Kite Eagles of Kerala

Compared to the pigeons of Armley
Who shuffle along the roller shutter
Of the Polish shop on Town Street
And gossip, flap and flutter
The kite eagles of Kerala
Are a different breed
They soar majestically
Cut from a different creed
They sail and glide
Classy looking things
With mahogany backs
And fingertip wings

Swirling above the coconut palms
Scanning for prey
I watch from my balcony
A beautiful day

1. main image is a 2mP cartoon
2. there is a kite there somewhere on the one in the sky
3. and 4. the other two photos are typical kite hangout spots as viewed from the balcony of our ashram

p.s. sorry I don’t have better photos of kites I was too busy admiring them.  Although you can take the cartoon as 63 percent accurate anatomically


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