I’ve started this poem
several times
but after one or two
short rhymes
it’s clear that this is
a tricky part
and where the fuck
d’y’even start?
So I scribble back
and start again
Now hope the right words
leave the pen
And please be sure
I do not intend
in any way
to now offend
But how are things
so topsy turvy?
And why are blokes
so fucking pervy?
Surely someone
should ‘ave a word
and help these blokes
to get a bird
They’ve never seen
a girl before
so they take sly photos
by the shore
and come in droves
to get all stare-y
For women alone
it must be scary
And what do they do
with the sharkey snap?
Take it home and
have a thrap?
The worst thing is
the older guys
who snap away
with zombie eyes
They’re the ones
who should know better
Where’s his wife?
Someone get her!
Oh, she’s at home
covered head to toe
‘Can I go to the beach?’
The answer is, ‘no!’
You’ll cook and clean
the kitchen sink
I’m off to letch
and have a drink.

Women objectified
Men intensified

What kind of message
does this send?
And what action
will it take to mend?
To find a balance
mutual respect
we all accept
I’m starting to sound
all, Lord Almighty
with judgements rooted
out of Blighty
and you could be in
your rights to state
that my relationship’s
not great
But surely we can
all improve
And together forward
we can move
I’m not saying
mine is good or bad
but it’s easy to see
when someone is sad.


1. main image me and col at Ashvem Beach looking at Venus
2. 7.46pm at Annakulum
3. Collette at an Indian YMCA
4. a couple flexing

p.s. more photos to follow here.


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