Nailini’s favourite
Food of the South
Impressive on the plate
Better in the mouth

Crispy, rice-y, lentil-y treats
Collette can’t wait to try one of Pete’s.

Main image:  me with LID (lanky idiot disorder) and a dosa

other image: at our favourite dosa emporium, Ujwala, where the red plastic wallet menu is embossed with the finest TipEx and a fresian cow with a particularly wet nose usually leans through the window in an attempt to join us.  Last night (Friday 3rd March 2017) Ujwala were testing out a new stereo system.  A wide range of dosa’s are served here ranging from 60 rupees (70p) right through to 100 rupees (£1.20ish).  Last night I bossed a noodle dosa while collette has a plain dosa to dip in an okra (bhindi) curry.


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