Are you looking for Aaru?

Are you looking for Aaru?

‘Are you looking for me?’
came a voice from a rickshaw
and our time in Kochin
took a bit of a detour

Our Ganesha on wheels
dealt with at first with suspicion
Because wherever he takes us
he’s on commission

So whenever we’re arsed
we’ll make a quick stop
and try not to be sold to
at a government shop

He gets his rupees
and we get a lift
but the incredible salesmen
we have to resist

‘This bowl’s from the monasteries how much will you bid?’

‘Throw in a tea and call it six hundred quid!’

Le Petit Coquin
as his windshield does read
a loveable rogue
with his heart on his sleave

On a quest for girls
he’s shy and frustrated
and recently dumped
by someone he dated

and he gets upset
because he’d like to find
a beautiful girl
who is equally kind

A European
who is funny and free
just like Aaru,
‘Are you looking for me?’


Photos show:
i. selfie in matching tuk tuk drivers shirts
ii. Aura helping Collette advertise yoga classes.
iii.  singing Mohammad Rafi (London Programme) on the doorstep
iv. break time
vi. avec Collette
vii. almost resisting the subtle charms of this government shop based, Javier Bardhem lookalike monastery artefact hawker.


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