has created a cash demand
so at ATM’s
the public wait and stand

It’s hard to get hold of
what’s rightfully yours
You move from bank to bank
trying to make withdrawals

There’s cash in this one
then it breaks
Is this one out of order?
Or is the sign fake?

‘Transaction not possible’
read the tickets strewn
Your card works but-
once in a blue moon

My other experience
of an Indian queue
is the lift at the ashram
I’ll share it with you

So I’m there
First in line
I press the nob
and wait, all’s fine

Then behind me
more come and wait
I’m now front
of a queue of eight

Lift arrives
People exit
I nod and smile
queue behind LEGS IT-

into the lift
Leave me standing
like a joker
on the landing

No reward
for being polite
I’ll end up
stood ‘ere all night!

image:  Indian version of Canary Wharf


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